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Our instructors are carefully chosen keeping the quality of education that they can deliver. Most of our instructors are Hafiz of Quran and some have also completed Alim course in addition to various degrees in non-secular subjects. All the instructors are proficient in English, Urdu and in some cases Arabic.
If you are interested in teaching the Quran Online, Please visit the careers page to see our requirements.
You will select which days you would like to take your classes and the duration of those classes. You will then be scheduled with an instructor on the same days that you would take your classes if you decide to continue. Once you have been scheduled for the trial, please remember to show up since our instructor will be waiting to take your class. Once your trial is over and you decide to continue, you will continue to take your classes on the same days and time as your trial and a payment request will be sent to you via emial.
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